How to be a ‘freak’ at radio broadcast: What to avoid

If you’re a broadcaster, you might be looking to learn some new skills before you even get on the air.

Here are some of the more common ones.


Know what you’re good at 1.1 How to do the radio show You’re likely to hear that radio broadcast is just like any other job, but there’s one crucial difference: you’re not doing it as a hobby, you’re doing it because you love it.

It’s because you’re passionate about what you do, and you want to make it your profession.

“You might get asked how to do a show, but you don’t really know what you want.

You’re always learning, but it’s not really like a job,” says John Linnell, founder of the radio school Radio School.

“I’d like to say it’s a lot of fun, but I’m a little bit of a sceptic.

I think people are too scared to be out there, but that’s probably because they don’t want to be labelled a ‘radio broadcaster’ if they’re not a good fit.”

Here’s how you should know if you want a job in radio broadcasting.

1:01 How to become a radio broadcaster, or what to look for 1.2 What you’ll do as a radio presenter 1.3 What you’re expected to do in radio shows 1.4 How to get a job with a radio station 1.5 What you can expect to be doing at a radio studio 2:00 What radio shows should you look out for 2.1 Radio shows for students 2.2 Radio programmes that you might like to listen to if you’re looking for a job 2.3 Radio stations with interesting stories to tell 2.4 What it’s like to be on a radio programme and what you think it means for you 2.5 Tips on becoming a radio announcer 2.6 What to look out, and do, for when you’re interviewing for a radio show 2.7 What you should avoid if you get a radio job 2:21 How to find out if you’ll be a radio listener 2:22 How to apply for radio jobs 2:23 How to avoid being on the radio air when you think you might want to 3:17 Radio news and information: the big story that you need to know 3:19 Radio stations you should listen to 3.1 What to listen for when interviewing for radio stations 3.2 How to choose radio stations for radio programmes 3.3 How to pick radio stations to listen out for when they’re on air 3.4 Radio programmes to watch out for 3.5 How to listen on the go if you have a mobile phone or tablet 4:06 How to talk to your favourite radio station while on the road 4:07 What to do if you’ve been on a job interview that you’re now wondering about 4:08 How to make a radio announcement on the move 5:03 How to work as a reporter at a newspaper 5:05 What to think when a radio interviewer asks you to do something on the phone 6:07 How to learn the new skills you’ll need to be at the top of your game 7:01 Tips for how to be an outstanding radio presenter 7:02 How to interview in the style of a radio host 8:00 How to prepare for radio interviews 8:01 What to wear when you interview for radio positions 9:04 How to go about interviewing someone on the telly, on the street, or at the gym 10:11 What to eat before a radio interview 10:12 What to talk about during radio interviews 10:13 Tips for getting on the show during a radio broadcast 11:04 What to pack for a Radio Show 11:05 How to take your Radio Show to the next level 11:06 Tips for working with your favourite Radio Station 12:09 How to start your radio show 12:10 How to read radio reports 12:11 Tips for finding your way around a Radio Station 13:01 Best ways to be the best Radio Show 13:02 What to say during a Radio Interview 13:03 Tips for listening to Radio Show interviews 13:04 Tips for choosing radio stations in the future 14:07 Tips for interviewing people in the news or entertainment industry 14:08 Tips for writing a radio report 14:09 Tips for recording a radio podcast 15:21 Tips for having a Radio Day 15:22 Tips for making radio announcements 16:17 Tips for radio interviewers who have to work with kids 16:18 Tips for keeping your job 16:19 Tips for taking your Radio show to the road 17:01 Radio Show tips: the best bits from the last decade 17:02 Radio Show tricks to keep kids happy 18:06 Radio Show rules and how to keep them happy 19:01 Your radio show tips for the busy parent 20:11 Radio Show news and interviews 20:12

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