All the games that were on BBC Sport during the 1940s – interactive guide

By Mark Thompson BBC Sport’s Sports History website, 18 November 2018 All the matches that were broadcast during the early 1940s.

It’s a great time to be a football fan.

Football has been around for around 500 years.

It was invented in the 17th century by John Henry Stagge, who invented the ball.

It is a club game and the best-selling sport in the world.

It attracts a wide range of people and has its own traditions, both modern and historic.

There are two major divisions in England, the top tier of leagues called the National League and the bottom tier, the Football League.

Each of these divisions have their own rules, rules of play, stadiums, stadiums that are named after famous players and famous teams, the most famous of which is Manchester United.

Football was invented by Sir Winston Churchill, who became the first prime minister of the United Kingdom after his landslide victory in 1945.

He won the first election for a Labour government and the second by winning the 1945 general election with a landslide, but was soon forced to resign.

His government was overthrown by Labour and his successor, Winston Churchill II, was appointed Prime Minister.

Churchill led the UK into World War Two, where he led a campaign of brutality against Germany.

He lost the war, but he left the country with the highest civilian death toll of any country in the war.

He was assassinated in 1945 by a Nazi agent.

He also was responsible for Britain’s decision to join the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and join the Commonwealth of Nations (COPEC).

Churchill’s legacy in the UK was not an easy one.

The BBC was founded in 1921 and was given the name of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in 1935.

He died in 1945, but his legacy lives on.

There is a whole new generation of football fans who are learning about it, from the first games in 1947, the first ever televised matches in 1951 and the last live game in 1963.

Football became the most popular sport in Britain and around the world in the 1950s.

The first professional football league was formed in the early 1950s, which lasted until 1967.

It became known as the Football Association of Great Britain (FAB), and was named after the legendary British football team that played at the time.

There were other teams in the league that were called the British and Irish Lions, the French Bulldogs, the Irish Bulldogs, and the Scottish Tiger.

The FAB also fielded teams in various European leagues, such as the French League, the Italian League and finally, the German Bundesliga.

By the 1960s, the British football federation was being threatened by the rise of other European football clubs and the British Football League (BFL) was formed.

It lasted until 1978.

The BFL’s name was changed to the Football Championship, but it was still a British football league until 1979.

The last BFL match took place in 1979 when the BFL disbanded and the Football Club of Scotland (FCS) took over the league.

The Football League is now the British Association Football League, which was formed on 4 October 2014.

The league is made up of 12 teams that compete in a single-elimination tournament.

The winner of the tournament is crowned the league champion.

The next round of the competition takes place in 2021, and is known as European Qualifiers.

There have been three European Qualifier finals in the last two decades, taking place between June and September.

The FA Cup is the league’s major trophy, with four finalists, the winner of which earns promotion to the top flight of English football.

There has also been a World Cup final in 2018 and a Champions League final in 2020.

The World Cup is held every four years, but the 2018 tournament in Brazil was the first in which there were two finalists.

The Champions League is a four-legged competition that consists of three groups of six teams.

There was one final between the top two teams from each group in each group, with the winner from each of the groups qualifying for the knockout stages of the next round.

The top two from each qualifying group qualify for the group stage of the Champions League.

There will be seven groups of four, with teams from the bottom groups of the group stages playing each other in the knockout stage.

The winners of the knockout groups play each other to determine who advances to the quarter-finals.

The quarter-final play-offs are the second round of qualifying.

The third and final round of each group will be played in a double-eligibility format, with each team qualifying for a group stage playoff against the other two groups.

In the quarter final, the teams in each of these groups face each other.

The four finalists from each qualifier play each others teams in an eight-game knockout tournament to determine the quarter finalists.

A group stage match is played on aggregate

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