Why did it take until the final day of the season for this team to win a game?

MARLIN radio broadcast host Andrew McGrath, a former England international, said it was time to look at the players who could have been in contention for the World Cup in France, but the lack of a player like that in that position was too much for any coach to overcome.

The World Cup was a great moment for the game, McGrath said, and we were lucky to be part of it.

But there are not enough players like that for the rest of the world.

I have been to the World Cups and seen the best players in the world, McGrathan said.

We have a few players who have been through that.

We had the World cup in Brazil, but we were also lucky to have a handful of players who were going to play for England.

I don’t think there are enough like that out there.

I would be surprised if there were, but that is the way it is.

It is a great achievement for England, but it is not the whole of the story, McGrather said.

England won the World Series in 2010.

It is a fantastic achievement but it has been a little bit of a disappointment to some of the fans because we have had to do the hard work to get through the whole tournament.

That is why we will be working hard this week, and I think we will come out strong.

We want to go home to Scotland with a good result, but you are not going to get that from playing the last match of the World Championship.

That has been the challenge for us, McGruth said.

It has been frustrating to play in the last World Cup but it means something to the fans.

It feels great to be in the World Championships and to see what we have achieved, but now we have to make sure we go to France with a clean sheet.

The first half of the tournament was a little rough for us but we had the best of the game.

It has been really tough.

It feels good to be playing for England but it also means something for our fans.

I hope it is something that we can all share, McGrith said.

We are disappointed, and not only for ourselves, but for our supporters, he said.

It was a bit of an easy World Cup to get into but we are disappointed because it is a bit frustrating for our club.

We are working hard on it.

It does mean something to our supporters because the game is important to us.

We do have some players who can do that.

The way we are playing, I think it is important that we get the right result, McGroth said.

I think the fans are very important to the team, and you have to take the best from the supporters.

We have a good squad, and a good team, McGright said.

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