Month: July 2021

NFL is looking to boost its TV audience by up to 10%

A big boost to its TV coverage could see the league boost its viewership by up by 10% by 2020.The NFL has previously said it needs to grow the amount of TV time for games.However, the league has recently increased the amount available, and is currently the only major American sports league that uses the […]

How to spot the radio broadcaster with the worst radio-broadcasting record

When you think of radio broadcasters, you probably think of the big-name broadcasters, the ones who get big syndication deals.But there are a lot of smaller ones, and the biggest ones are almost always just the ones with big-time syndication contracts.It’s no secret that they often suck. But what about a radio station’s average listener?You probably […]

US-China trade talks likely to start in the coming days

In what may be the biggest US-Chinese trade agreement yet, the US is expected to begin negotiations this week with China over a new set of trade agreements, according to a US official.The US has long sought to bring its biggest trade deal to a vote in Congress and to allow it to become law.On […]

How to remove an ad from YouTube, aubrian radio,roughrider radio

AUBURN, Ala.— How to remove a video from YouTube and replace it with a new one?Auburn fans have the answer.The Rough Riders’ website is live with instructions for disabling an ad on the site and replacing it with an advertisement.To disable an ad, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Remove Ad […]

Which states have the most radio stations?

With the presidential election nearly over, here are the most populous states with at least 100,000 registered radio stations in the United States: Alaska: 4,972,900  Arizona: 4 (includes Arizona City and Prescott) California: 1,898,600 (includes San Francisco)Colorado: 2,000,000  Florida: 1 million (includes Miami)Georgia: 2 million (plus Atlanta)Hawaii: 3 million (excluding Honolulu)Idaho: 2.3 million (including Boise)Illinois: 1.3 […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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