How to watch the 2017 Australian Grand Prix in a week – and what you need to know ahead of Sunday’s race

A week after the 2017 Formula 1 season was over, it’s time to look ahead to the second half of the year.

With so much to look forward to in 2018, here are the main things to keep an eye on.1.

What is Formula 1?

F1 is a motorsport series that originated in the United States and has grown rapidly in popularity around the world.

It is played on television in a number of countries around the globe.

It has attracted a diverse fan base of fans, from fans of other motorsport to people who enjoy cars.

The championship features a number, from the likes of Lewis Hamilton to Sebastian Vettel and even the likes to Daniel Ricciardo.

Formula 1 has a unique format, and the race format is largely determined by the teams.

It’s a series of single-car races, each race being a series with a race winner taking the chequered flag.

The teams compete on a grid of one-litre oval cars, each of which is equipped with a different engine, engine management and a host of other things.2.

What are the teams?

The four teams in Formula 1 are: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull.3.

Where are the races?

Formulae 1 races are usually held on Sundays, from mid-June to mid-October.

However, the races can also be held during the week, usually during the race weekend.

The last Formula 1 race of the season is the Australian Grand Championship on Sunday, October 14.4.

What time is the race?

In 2018, the race starts at 8:30pm (local time in Australia).5.

What teams are in Formula one?

Currently, there are eight teams in the Formula 1 racing series, which is split into two divisions: Silver, Gold and Blue. 

Silver: The teams are comprised of teams that have competed in the past.

Gold: The team that has the most points in the current season, as well as the best finish in the previous season.

Blue: Teams that have only won one race or two races.6.

What’s the difference between the Formula One championship and Formula E?

Like Formula One, Formula E is a series that is based on single-seaters. 

Formula E races are open to fans of any nationality.

However, the main difference is that the Formula E series is not based on a single car, instead each of the teams is equipped for a different type of engine. 

F1 races are based on two-seater cars, but Formula E races take place on three-seating cars.7.

What do the Red Bull and Ferrari teams have in common?

Red Bull, like Ferrari, is a sports car manufacturer that has been around for over 50 years.

They have won seven Constructors’ championships, with five of those coming in the last 20 years.

Ferrari, meanwhile, is an Italian racing team that was founded in 1958.

They currently have seven Grand Prix victories, but only won five in the modern era.8.

What does the Red Bulls logo mean?

They are also known for their red colour, and this logo was designed by the team themselves.

It represents the ‘Red Bull’ racing slogan. 


What kind of cars are used in Formula One?

There are six different types of cars, including F1 cars, F1 racing cars, racing livery cars, livery car prototypes and racing prototypes. 


Who is the best driver in Formula E, Hamilton?

Hamilton has dominated Formula One since it started in 2011.

He currently leads the championship by two points, and has won nine races so far this season. 

He has achieved that feat while using a variety of different engines, from a Red Bull to a Mercedes-AMG. 


How does Formula One work?

All Formula 1 races take around an hour and a half to complete, with the start times changing every 20 minutes. 

The races start with the drivers running a race car around a track, while the drivers then compete on the grid in the race car.

The drivers are separated into two categories, with a driver for each class.

Each driver starts with a base set of cars and can change cars as they like. 

There are also two classifications, F3 and F4, which are based around different types. 

Each class has its own cars, and each class has their own starting grid. 

It’s worth noting that the cars used in F1 are made of aluminium, which helps the cars to reduce drag and make the cars feel more ‘stealthy’. 


What happens in Formula F1?

After the race, the drivers compete for the title, and they must finish within the top five. 


How many cars do

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