How to be a better reporter in 2018: The 5 tips from one of our favorite writers

How do you do your job as a reporter?

How do people react to your story?

What can you learn from someone you’re interviewing?

What are some tips to get more people interested in your reporting?

Well, this is where the best journalists work.

If you want to be the best, you have to learn to write for yourself.

Here are the 5 tips that are sure to make you an expert reporter.


Know what your audience wants.

Don’t try to tell them what to think or do.

You’re not going to be as good as someone who’s told you the same story over and over.

You have to find your audience first and then make sure you’re doing what they want.

You don’t want to tell a story they’ve already heard, but you do want to provide them with information they can’t ignore.

You want to make them want to keep reading, so you should tell them about what you’ve uncovered.


Keep it fresh.

You might not have a perfect story every time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell it well every time.

You also have to be prepared to go out and ask people for feedback and help.

Sometimes people want to hear something different or something different in their own words, but they’ll still appreciate the story you told them.

You can’t make people change their minds on something you’ve already written.


Write it for the audience.

People can’t read everything.

They need to see what’s in the story.

It’s important to keep the story fresh and to keep asking questions.

If the story doesn’t work for you, you’ll probably end up in a corner and never get a chance to tell it again.


Write with a story.

The only way to write a great story is to find something you can talk about that you can understand.

Don, it’s the story, the whole thing.


Listen to your audience.

You shouldn’t be writing about yourself, but when you’re writing for your audience, you need to listen to what they are saying.

You need to understand what they’re feeling, what they think about the story and what they’d like to hear about next.

Your audience is not going for the easy stuff, but rather the hard stuff.

That means they want to see you dig deeper and learn more about your subject.

The hard stuff is where you’re most likely to fail, because they are not going out of their way to learn anything.

That’s where you need your audience to be.

If they like what you’re saying, you should be open to new information and new questions.

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