How to write a book cover story without mentioning Donald Trump

The cover story for a new book on Trump: The Art of Being the Donald has a lot to say about the candidate’s most controversial and controversial moments.

But the first sentence doesn’t mention the man who’s now running for president.

That’s because the story, titled “The Trump Myth,” is a piece of fiction written by the author of a 2015 book titled The Trump Chronicles.

The author, Mark Levin, who is known for his outspoken and frequently controversial political commentary, is best known for creating the now-famous phrase “Trump is not my president.”

The story starts with the book’s first chapter, which focuses on the 2016 presidential election.

The book opens with the story of how Levin was inspired by a tweet from Trump in 2016, in which the Republican candidate criticized his Democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), for her “faux pas” in the first presidential debate.

Trump, Levin wrote, then “re-emphasized his love for the Clintons” and said, “They are just so crooked.”

Trump, according to the book, then responded with, “I love it when they lie!”

The book then goes on to describe how Trump and his supporters, led by “the internet,” would use the phrase “birther” to attack and discredit Sanders.

In the story’s conclusion, Levin concludes with a list of the “Trump myths,” which he says are among his favorite “factoids.”

He notes that while some of these myths are not true, they are not untrue either.

Trump’s “bombshell” theory is one of them, according the book.

But it’s not one that comes with any actual truth.

“He said, ‘There are people that believe I’m the president,'” Levin told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

“That was just a tweet.

It was not something he had said publicly.”

Levin has previously said that he is not a fan of Trump, though he does believe the businessman’s views on women and the media.

But he says that he did write a cover story about Trump in 2015 that included his name in the title.

“There are a lot of falsehoods in the Trump myth,” Levin told Goldberg.

“[But] it’s a myth.”

The Trump Myth cover story is one the author told Goldberg about a month ago, during an interview for the book on his podcast.

He said he and Levin did not have a discussion about the title until Goldberg asked him about it during a phone call, and that the topic did not come up during the conversation.

“I think we were discussing it and he said, there are some falsehoods that come from that,” Levin said, when Goldberg asked if Trump would apologize for the quote.

“And I said, no, I’m not sorry.

He did say it.”

He added, “You know, if you’re going to say a quote like that, there have to be a couple of caveats and things that you need to say before you say it, and he agreed.”

Levin did acknowledge that he does not support Trump’s views, but he does think the Trump campaign has gotten a bad rap.

“If you think about what the president of the United States does, it’s about taking care of people, and it’s been about that for quite a while,” Levin explained.

“It’s not the first time this has happened.

But I think he is doing an admirable job.

I think people are seeing through that.

And he’s getting a lot more support.

And I think that’s very important.”

Levin’s book is now out, and Levin told ABC News that he expects the book will get more attention as the election gets closer.

“The more people that see this book, and the more people who read it, the more it will be discussed, the less it’s going to be ignored,” Levin says.

Levin, however, did acknowledge, “It would be good to have a more balanced discussion on the Trump presidency, but I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Levin said he was not surprised by the backlash Trump’s critics have received from his book.

“To me, he’s a very popular guy,” Levin added.

“But he’s also gotten very little support from anyone.”

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