Why it’s important to have a good night’s sleep

The night before the NRL grand final, the radio crew at the Cronulla Sharks are having a good time on the phone with a radio host who’s a big fan of the NRL.

The caller, called ‘The Cocker’ on the radio, was keen to talk about the game and was a keen follower of the Cronkies, and so he was keen on hearing the Sharks’ matchday program.

So, the Sharks radio broadcast team was all set up to do their best to get The Cocker’s ear.

They were talking to NRL TV host, Mike Pezzella, when he had a bit of a hiccup.

“Hey mate, I’m actually on the Sharks TV, it’s the Sharks, I got a message on Twitter that they’ve decided to go for a TV broadcast from the NRL,” The Cocker told The Daily Telegraph.

The Sharks did have a TV set on their set up in the locker room, but it wasn’t in the same room as the radio broadcast.

Instead, it was a different set up.

“The other day I was playing in the NRL, the first game I ever played in, and there was this guy in the front row, he had his helmet on, and the other guy had his shirt off,” The Cronkie said.

“He was just chatting to me, like he was doing his best to have fun, but he was just talking about how great it was.

I thought it was really great, he was talking to me in a friendly way, he didn’t seem to mind that I was a big Sharks fan.”

The Sharks were on a TV show at the time and had a TV crew in the room.

“We were all doing a TV programme that was in a different room from the radio show, so they couldn’t hear us, so I thought he was going to give us a big surprise,” The Shark said.

The Cockers radio broadcast was broadcast live from the Sharks locker room.

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