‘We’re not looking for any new advertisers’: TV ad platform launches new ad formats

Business Insider – 3 months ago A new advertising platform from TV ad network AdMob is raising the stakes in the battle for advertisers’ eyeballs with an ad format that promises to give advertisers more options.

AdMob, the company that makes the AdBlock Plus ad-blocking browser, said it would be launching a new ad format called “Live Ad,” which is meant to help advertisers reach viewers in a way that doesn’t require a third-party ad network.

The format was first introduced in March 2017.

Live Ad is designed to give marketers more control over their ads and make them more accessible for the audience, while at the same time providing advertisers with a better way to monetize their content.

It also has a simpler, more intuitive interface that advertisers will be able to use to show and customize their ads, AdMob CEO and founder Ben Siegel said in a statement.

Live Ads are still experimental and aren’t currently available in all countries.

Admob, which is owned by eBay, has said it will invest $2 billion in the ad platform over the next five years.

The platform is still in its early stages, but Siegel and AdMob Chief Marketing Officer Joe Fauci said the company is already seeing significant results.

LiveAd was built in-house by AdMob’s tech team and has a large number of features that make it the most powerful and customizable ad platform currently available, Siegel told Business Insider in an interview.

“It’s the fastest growing ad platform in the industry right now,” he said.

Live ad is not yet available in Canada, and it isn’t yet available for ad buyers in the United States.

AdBlock is currently available only in the U.S. and in countries where AdMob sells ads.

It offers ad formats such as “Live Ads” and “Live Video” that allow users to customize their ad to fit their audience’s preferences.

Adblock has a lot of other features, such as the ability to remove or block ads for a given website or mobile app, but the platform is limited to publishers, publishers with a few million monthly users, and publishers with larger audiences.

Ad Block, which launched in 2009, was founded by former Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The ad platform was originally designed to block ads from websites and mobile apps, but has since grown to be a tool that advertisers can use to reach audiences in ways that aren’t possible through traditional advertising platforms.

For instance, advertisers can block ads on YouTube videos that are embedded with ads.

The ads can be removed or blocked if users leave the video, but they are also visible to the audience.

“We have seen great success in the last few years by leveraging the power of the Ad Blocker, and our customers are embracing that feature to reach millions of people across the world,” Faucy said in the statement.

Advertisers that already sell AdBlock ads can get more creative with the ads they offer to consumers.

They can choose from a range of media types to include videos, audio, images, and text ads.

For example, AdBlock allows advertisers to sell ad space in a variety of media formats, including print, podcast, and radio, in addition to on-demand video ads.

A number of companies have tried to build ad formats that can be used in the same way, but none have succeeded as quickly as AdMob.

AdMill, which has about 300 million monthly active users, already has about 500 million ads.

“AdMob has the largest market share in the world and is the largest player in the live ad space,” Siegel, AdMill’s CEO and cofounder, told Business Magazine.

“With Live Ad, we’re introducing a new format that gives advertisers the power to control their ads.

Live Ad doesn’t have an official launch date yet, but Faucci said that it will likely be available to advertisers within the next year. “

Live ad is going to be an enormous growth driver for our business.”

Live Ad doesn’t have an official launch date yet, but Faucci said that it will likely be available to advertisers within the next year.

Live ads aren’t just a new way for advertisers to reach their audience, they’re also the fastest way to build trust in their products, which means advertisers will use the platform more often.

“They are going to find their audiences more easily and quickly because of the ad format,” Faucicci said.

“And because advertisers are going back to the ad-friendly model that has worked well for them for so long, Live Ad will also provide advertisers with the opportunity to create better experiences for consumers.”

Live Ads can also be used to help users discover new content, including news articles, sports scores, and social sharing.

Ads can be placed on any platform, including mobile devices, so advertisers can target their ads across any devices.

For advertisers, Live Ads provide a simpler way to deliver ads to their audiences.

For AdMob and its competitors, Live ad offers more customization options and the ability for advertisers and publishers to share content across platforms

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