When the radio broadcasts the answer to a question, the answer is a mystery

I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now: How can a radio station that doesn’t have any live radio content do an interview with someone whose only real clue is a vague, cryptic audio description?

If you haven’t heard it, here it is: I think the best way to explain this to someone who is unfamiliar with the answer and/or hasn’t heard the answer before is to play it back to them.

So, let’s take the mystery radio show, The Big Show, and play it again.

The station has no live radio.

It is broadcast via an online podcast.

The audio description is vague, and if you don’t like it, you can skip to the end.

The question is, how can the radio show ask someone who isn’t familiar with the question and then give a cryptic, audio description that the person who is familiar with it has no clue what it’s about?

I’m sure that this is an example of radio being radio.

You don’t have to be a radio expert to understand that.

It’s a concept I’ve heard discussed on podcasts like  The Radio Show and on the radio.

In fact, in a podcast episode from 2009, I asked the question to a guest named Joe, who had a radio show and was a regular listener.

The guest asked, “What is the most obscure radio show in the world?”

Joe answered, “There’s no question.

The Big One.

I mean, really.

I’m not even going to go into the weirdness of the show because you know, it’s just that.

And it’s got the most bizarre characters, the most insane things.

And I’m the guy that gets to go to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, which is sort of the biggest mystery of all.”

Joe, an old-fashioned, straight-talking, old-school radio host, was talking about the show, which was on in the United States and Canada, but not on the planet Earth.

He had no idea what it was about, but he didn’t need to, because he knew it.

So he was playing it back, and he heard it.

Joe then asked the radio host if he would explain.

Joe wasn’t sure.

The radio host was so familiar with that question that he didn.

He played back the audio description.

The host then asked, I’m wondering, Joe, what the hell are you talking about?

He said, The most obscure show in all the universe.

“Oh, I mean,” Joe said, “I’m a radio host.

I like that question.”

 Joe then paused.

He was so unfamiliar with what the show was about that he couldn’t even make a straight answer out of it.

But he was curious enough to try.

He started thinking about the question.

He went to the show’s website.

And, as it turns out, Joe was able to get a list of the stations that were playing the show.

The stations were in the same city and the same time zone.

He did some sleuthing.

He called up the people who work at those stations and asked them if they knew anything about it.

He even got a list from a man who worked there.

The man was a radio guy.

It turns out that the most common answer was that they were trying to get the best audience they could.

The show was also in the US and Canada.

So Joe went on his website and found out the answer.

 “I can’t believe this,” he wrote.

“If this is the answer, I am in a very strange situation.”

I had to check out the show again.

I started searching through the listings.

The radio show that Joe had mentioned was called The Big Ones.

It was hosted by two guys who called themselves the Big Ones, and they were both from the same state in the USA.

They were known as the Big One, Big One-1 and Big One+1.

The two Big Ones were the same guy who answered the radio question.

They were on the air each week for almost a year.

They would answer the question, “Do you know the most mysterious radio show on Earth?”

It was about two minutes long.

And they would tell the audience that they would answer it in 30 seconds.

When you do a radio interview, you have to put it on for 30 seconds to get 30 seconds of applause.

So the question is: how can a TV station that does not have any radio content ask someone whose whole reason for being is to listen to radio and answer questions live ask the most difficult, baffling, and mysterious question in all of radio?

The answer is simple.

The answer is radio.

Radio is the only medium that gives you the ability to ask a question.

If you don.t have the

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