Month: June 2021

When the radio broadcasts the answer to a question, the answer is a mystery

I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now: How can a radio station that doesn’t have any live radio content do an interview with someone whose only real clue is a vague, cryptic audio description?If you haven’t heard it, here it is: I think the best way to explain this to someone who […]

How to buy and use your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery in seconds: How to swap batteries in seconds

We’re talking about swapping batteries in about five seconds with a Samsung Galaxy Note8 battery.That’s what a professional battery-swapper in San Jose, California, did when he tried to swap out his battery for the one he bought at Best Buy.And that’s what Samsung’s new Note8 batteries can do for you too, just with a few […]

How to watch the Dodgers game online

The Dodgers are playing a game that has been on the air for months.And yet it’s not on a radio broadcast.Instead, it’s on a game show.And the game show will be aired live on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s weekday morning network.The Dodgers, who play in the American League West, are playing the Angels on Sunday night.The […]

How to win a race with a single kick

The Israeli football team is currently in Israel’s training camp, and a few weeks ago they took part in a game against the Eagles.They won, and the team got the chance to meet some of their old friends and friends of friends from previous years.They had some great laughs and some memorable moments, like this […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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